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Unable to boot with more than 2gbs of RAM

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May 24, 2013 9:27:20 PM

Hey, I'm in need of assistance. So i had 2x1gb ram sticks in my custom made pc. It ran fine and so I tried to add 2x2gb ram sticks to make for 6gbs of ram. my computer will not start up when using more then 2gbs of rams. I've now purchased Windows 7 and installed it (64x) with a new SSD and figured "hey now I have windows 7 64x and can utilize all of my ram (6gbs)" But to my surprise, same issue with not being able to boot up with more then 2gbs of ram.. I have used all possible combinations in the DIMM slots with the RAM sticks and still only 2gbs of ram will work with whatever combination(2x1gb ram sticks work, 1x2gb ram stick works (both new sticks goods)) They're DDR2 and all sticks have the same specs and are compatible with my motherboard (as all have worked to run my computer just not all at the same time (only 2gbs))
Please help in whatever way you can! Thanks! - This is the new RAM stick (x2)
(will not even boot with 2 of these in the DIMM slots without my older 2x1gb sticks)
MOBO : XFX nforce 750a (maximum of 8gbs ram supported)
CPU : AMD Phenom quad-core 2.2 ghz
GPU - Radeon HD 7770 Ghz edition
SDD 128gbs - Windows 7 Home Premium OS
HDD 500gbs

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May 25, 2013 12:35:13 AM

Have you tried testing the system with just the new ram? I would test the new ram one stick at a time to see if your system will boot. If you can boot after testing each new stick one at a time then try both of the new sticks only.
May 25, 2013 8:03:40 AM

yeah i tried all combinations... it works with both new sticks of ram but only 1 at a time.. when i use both it doesnt boot..
May 25, 2013 8:08:26 AM

As well it works with both of the 2x1gb ram sticks i have.. so the issue seems to be my computer cannot boot with more than 2gb of ram