problem with pc freezing up

I have the a problem where if I am playing a game the game will pause momentarily, also if I am streaming something it will just pause and stop streaming and won't refresh the internet page and sometimes results into a not responding state.
also when I am just going through windows 7 browsing around, if I open a folder or start bar, something simple like that the pc freezes momentarily and then once it's figured itself out it continues

my pc is as follows

i5 3570k
evga gtx 670 4gb
asrock extreme 4 mobo
coolmastere evo heatsink
ssd is samsung and the 2x hdd are western digital
and my ram is 2x8gb mushkin blackline enhanced

is there a solution? it happens to me in morrowind even!? borderlands one, kenshi,'s driving me crazy, it's my first gaming computer and because I am not really that technology confident I am always worried about it.. are there some tests I can do to determine where the problem is starting from?


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