How to control speed of mollex fan ?

Got a rear 120 mm fan with mollex cable. Was wondering could I use mollex to 3 pin adapter then plug it into motherboard so I can control the speed.

Got 3pin and 4 pin power fan connectors on my mbo.
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  1. No. Also 3-pin fans do not have PWM so the motherboard can't control them.
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    Actually, you can control your fans with 3-pin too. Its just not controlled by PWM technique. Your mobo will try to adjust the fan speed by raising/altering voltage. Just check your bios settings to see if you mobo can do that.

    Another solution would be a Fan controller board. They are relatively cheap. You can easily get them and directly connect between psu and fans. You can find them either PWM or Voltage controlled versions. Just make sure if your fans also support PWM, all fans (basically all electric motors) can be controlled directly with Voltage.
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