Where do I connect the power supply cables?

I'm almost finished with assembling my first PC, and it's gone rather well so far (largely thanks to the Tom's forums). However, I'm a bit puzzled at where some of the power supply's plugs and cords are supposed to go. There are a few pairs of wires servicing buttons and switches on the case itself, too. My shopping list:

* Cooler Master CMStorm Enforcer mid-tower
* Thermaltake TR-600 PSU
* MSI Z77A-G41 motherboard
* Intel Core i5-3570K
* MSI Radeon 7770 graphics card
* Toshiba 1TB 7200RPM 3.5" SATA hard drive
* LG Super Multi optical drive
* Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x4GB DDR3-1600 RAM

Fortunately, the PSU's box and website label each type of plug branching off the 6 bundles of wires. Apparently, each bundle includes multiple plugs so that many similar components in the case can be powered. The basic BYOPC instructions from Lifehacker were great until this step, when they became worthless. Can you confirm which PSU plug should be used for each of my components, please? (Any other related advice would be appreciated.)
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  1. There should be an 8-pin cable made up of two 4-pin cables that snap together, marked EPS or CPU, NOT PCI, or PCIe. That goes by your CPU, at the top of the board.

    A 6-pin, likely a 6-pin and a 2-pin that snap together, marked PCIe or PCI, plugs into your GPU. Leave the extra two pins hanging loose.

    The big cable, probably 20+4 pins that snap together, plug into the big socket on the side of the board.

    A SATA connecter (thin, with 5 wires) plugs into each of your ODD and HDD. Likely as part of a chain.

    Your fans are either powered off your motherboard with 3 narrow pins at 0.1" spacing, or with a big 4-pin peripheral connector, with 2x black, red, and yellow wires.
  2. Hi,
    24 pin and 8 pin ATX (the picture shows only a 4 pin connector) to the black corresponding connectors (right and top side
    CPU and case fans to CPU_fan respectively SYS FAN labeled headers
    15 pin SATA 2 (see the picture) to SSDs/HDDs/DVD drive
    6 pin PCI express to the graphics card
    What else?
  3. Please post screenshots so we can help more efficently.

    This sata cable : http://www.sierra-cables.com/Cables/Images/SATA-Signal-Cable-1.jpg

    Goes into an HDD and DVD

    Also they need sata power :


    4 the CPU. you likely need to inesrt 4 pin connector sometimes its 8 looks like this


    also 4 the CPU you need to place the fan header pwm:


    sometimes its 3 horns or sometimes its 4 its labeled CPU_fan

    plz give us screenshots for anything else
  4. If he's still plugging in cables he can't exactly take screenshots can he. What of is the other question.

    Photos is another matter, or find some on the net.
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