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Hi all,

Was hoping to get some sage advice, but I was thinking of upgrading some of the components in my current laptop to make it more game/heavy task friendly. It's a HP Pavilion dv6, i3 processor; absolutely everything in there is as standard, except a change of battery recently.

My questions (seeing as I cannot easily or readily find the information) is:

1. Is the laptop compatible with 8gb ddr3?
2. Which laptop graphics card would you recommend/would fit this laptop?
3. Is the current power supply concurrent with the needs of said graphics card?

I don't really have a budget for this but anything up to a few hundred pounds is achievable, seeing as the alternative would be to potentially shell out much more premium money on a new laptop that does have these extra bells and whistles.

Any answers/thoughts/recommendations are all greatly appreciated.

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    The most you can do is add ram and a ssd drive. You will have to buy a better laptop if you want a discrete gpu and better cpu.
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