Ethernet adapter driver gone after Windows XP reinstall; no internet

I had to reinstall Windows XP on my older Dell desktop. I thought the ethernet card would be covered in the reinstall, but it wasn't. I can't access the internet. I found some instructions on trying to find the correct driver for it.

When I go to device manager it gives me the device as PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4401. When I put that into the search at, I got a few matches. The top one was Perceptive Solutions, but I have been unable to figure out how to get a drive for this device. I visited the next site down, which was Broadcom, and it had a handy list of drivers for all its devices, but my numbers were not on there. When I google Perceptive Solutions, I don't get any website with drivers, nor do I appear to get a company that does computer work at all? So I am confused now.

Can I purchase a new ethernet adapter? I no longer have any of the CD's that came with this PC-- it was a hand-me-down, not originally owned by me. What can I do to get this PC onto the internet?
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  1. will have the specific driver for that ethernet device.
  2. Just goto and enter the service tag to find the driver.
  3. Nevermind. Found the service tag.

    Can I download the drivers to a thumb drive? I do not have a rewriteable CDROM drive on my other PC's.
  4. Yes. You can download it to wherever you want.
  5. USAFRet said:
    Yes. You can download it to wherever you want.

    Okay, I did this. Some of the hardware is now working but the ethernet card is not. It still says it is not recognized (yellow question mark on device manager).
  6. Device Manager
    Rightclick on the newtwork adapter
    Select Driver
    Click on Update Driver
    Browse to where you saved it
  7. It is not allowing me to do that.

    1) It won't let me choose my thumb drive (but I ran the file, which was a .exe file, from that thumb drive already) when I try to manually choose a location.

    2) When I run through the rest of the "wizard" it tells me There was a problem installing this hardware, the device cannot start (code 10)
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