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Okay, so i get this computer to work on from a friend saying it kept freezing. So I said okay when I booted it up it logged in and after like 5 min boom it freezes. I pressed the power button until it turned off and restarted it and it froze during boot up. I did it again and sure enough froze.

So I got it to boot up in safe mode and check it for viruses etc. Nothing it came out clean. Oh and when i went into the computer in safe mode with Networking it didnt freeze i left it on all night and it did not freeze. Anyways i restart it and froze, i went into safe mode again and froze also, ever since it keeps freezing.So i decide to open the computer up (its a laptop by the way) and i take it completely apart i get the SATA hard drive and hook it up to my desktop during boot up it froze on my desktop computer so i clearly new it was the hard drive so i tell the guy hey we need a new hard drive and operating system we get a new hard drive and operating system (windows 8) and then FROZE during installation !!!

I don'tA know what to do now. maybe change the motherboard? CPU? HELP!!

Another thing, the computer has led keyboard and when it freezes the computer screen if fozen but when i move the mouse the keyboard lights up

Thanks, God Bless
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  1. his seems like a common problem with ASUS motherboards. Try pressing hard on the rams or make some adjustments . You can also try flashing a new BIOS (Google it )
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