Potential New Graphics card

my radeon 6670 graphics card broke, i'm Looking at new graphics card

My CPU is intel core I5 2320
My Motherboard is Foxconn H61MXL/H61MXL-K
The chipset is Intel Sandy Bridge

I dont know that much about the pc
so if there is anything else you need to know feel free to ask

oh and here is the graphics cards i was looking at


(is the GB of the graphics card worth the price difference?)

Also is there any other graphic cards you would recommend?, i play a range of games for example i play alot of football manager and arma

i have a price range of about £200

would i need a stronger psu too?

(EDIT) just took the cause off and found i have a
powersupply 405w max

anyone recommend me a power supply too :p ?
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  1. That is a great card, it would suit you fine, but it's probably a good idea to get the best one that your budget will allow. 2GB of VRAM is optimal for 1920x1080 resolution, 1GB below that. I'd still recommend you get the 2GB version so you can upgrade your monitor in the future if you don't have one that can do 1080p yet.

    You never mentioned what kind of a PSU you are using. That card has about 500W recommendation I believe, but quality 450W should be ok with your CPU.
  2. ^+1 go with 2gb if its not too much. you can also geforce GTX 650 ti boost edition 2gb . it performs the same as the radeon HD 7850 but its cheaper.
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