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I'm looking to build a gaming computer over the summer and I've got most of my parts picked out but I can't make up my mind on a power supply.
This is my build so far:
I will be waiting for Haswell and possibly get a GTX 770 instead of the 670 I have picked out right now. I may do SLI and CPU/GPU overclocking in the future, and possibly add a sound card or something. I think it's a pretty good deal for a modular 80 plus gold psu, but that could be just me.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. So you intend to replace the i5 with the Haswell? You know it is a different CPU socket meaning a different mb?

    Just wait until they come out to build that rig. On reading the news it appears they will need a slightly different power supply that will take the sleep mode of the haswell without losing power to the chip.
  2. I haven't built the pc yet, the Ivy Bridge cpu and motherboard are just placeholders so I can have an idea of the price right now. I plan to build the pc in late June/early July. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if I need to choose a different psu. Would 750w be good enough for my situation though?
  3. You could run the whole system with a 670 at 500W. Since it isn't out yet I have no idea what a 770 would be.
    Realize that is system wattage not card wattage.
  4. If your thinking about doing crossfire, just buy a 750w right away, a good one will only cost like $20 more than a comparable 550w.
  5. You're right, but would it be advisable to use a 500w psu? I've heard its good to go 100w or so over so it doesn't run near full load all the time and prolongs life. Plus with the possibility of SLI and overclocking (not sure about how much extra wattage is needed for it) would it be best to go with a 750w? I want to have the ability to add a new graphics card later without having to worry about having enough wattage for it, and I'd like to leave myself some headroom too so it isn't constantly running a heavy load.
  6. mace200200 said:
    If your thinking about doing crossfire, just buy a 750w right away, a good one will only cost like $20 more than a comparable 550w.

    Thanks, I'll look into those. I'm very skeptical about newegg though. I bought my case from there and had my credit card hijacked. (That was the first time I used the card in months) I don't really trust newegg anymore after that.
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    If it doesn't say Haswell ready I wouldn't get it. Seasonic has some that are and the Rosewill Capstone and XFX both use Seasonic supplies but the XFX didn't say it anywhere that I saw. I would get the Capstone.
  8. I'll wait around a while after Haswell comes out. Not sure when I'll have all my parts together but I'm aiming by the end of June or early July, and with Haswell being June 3, I'll know what PSUs are and aren't compatible. Thanks for your help.
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