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Hi guys,

Just wondering, I've eyed up a few sticks of 16GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM, and I'm wondering if it would be compatible with my motherboard. My motherboard is a msi 890fxa gd70, and the RAM is part number (627812-b21). It's HP ram and I think primarily for servers, does this matter if I'm using it in a desktop? I've seen some people saying there's not much difference between RAM frequency performance wise ie. 1333/1600MHz. I'm going to be running my PC as a server part time for gaming that's why I'm thinking the 16GB sticks if you're wondering. Any advice or opinion would be great.

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    The board states it can handle up to 2133 RAM. So as long as it's DDR3 RAM and all that, I imagine you're fine.
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