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So I'm new to PC gaming, and I would like to find out what is the best $150 graphics card there is out now. I won't be buy this card until I get enough money for it (about 2 months). I plan to play some newer games that release later this year.

Intel Core 2 Quad
Nvidia 7200/7300
4gb Ram
the resalution i play at is 1280x1024
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  1. 650ti BOOST
  2. Welcome to PC gaming. Enjoy the view.

    The ideal comfort zone for PC gaming is currently something like:

    A quad-core CPU.

    8GB RAM 1600Mhz.

    Either 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD or both.

    A comfy mid-tower case with room for expansion.

    A good mid-range GPU like the GTX 650 Ti Boost or the Radeon 7870.

    Together with an 80+ bronze 500-550W PSU.

    A motherboard which supports SLI (two Nvidia cards) and/or CrossFire X (Two Radeon cards).

    All at Full HD - 1920 x 1080.

    Since Nvidia, a GPU maker, has released their 700 series GPUs, you may see price cuts in GPUs.
  3. Wiyh the release of hte new Nvidia series happening now it would be best to ask your question wehen you are ready to buy.
    Prices and availibility will change.
  4. 1 or 2gb. Also can this card run 2 monitors on one card or do I have to buy 2
  5. I'd say 2GB if you're going to use a multi-monitor setup. If the card

    has two DVI outs and your monitors have DVI, then it can run them.

    Don't pick a resolution like 2560 x 1400. It'll "break" the cards back.

    You could buy two cards, but that doesn't mean each card renders

    only it's own screen sadly. The textures and other graphical data still has to

    be stored in the VRAM of both cards anyway. The difference between cards with

    1GB and ones with 2GB isn't always ideal either.
  6. Thanks for your help guys.
  7. What if I went with the AMD 7790 to save some money for a HHD. Plus now I get 2 games with the 7790.
  8. If it's what you want for your build, go for it.

    HDDs are cheap though and you've still got two months to save up.

    By the time you have to buy, things might be cheaper yet.
  9. Monti2 said:
    What if I went with the AMD 7790 to save some money for a HHD. Plus now I get 2 games with the 7790.

    if you can get the 7790 for less then the 650ti boost do so... just know the 650ti boost is a faster gpu then the 7790

    the 650ti boost is roughly equal to a 7850 (when both are overclocked the 7850 will be faster... at stock speeds they're about the same)
  10. Ok I will look around and see what I can find on your suggestions.
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