Increasing dedicated VRAM

I've seen this same question here a lot of times but I'm having some trouble with the whole 'dedicated VRAM' thing.

I have 6 gb of RAM, 32 mb dedicated VRAM and Intel HD 4000. I'm trying to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. It detects 32 mb as VRAM though the minimum requirements are 128 mb. The game starts, but crashes right before a match.

If the VRAM is supposed to 'borrow' from the RAM, why should this affect the game performance?!

Any way to increase the dedicated VRAM? (Windows 8)
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  1. It's usually a bios option. But with 0 info on your computer that's all I can tell you.
  2. well because the "borrow"ed ram is only what you allow it to. so if you set it to 32 and the game requires more, well that is what you get.

    also note that even if you can give it 16gb, it is still igpu, slow and only meant for light games
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