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just built a new comp, my first build and want to know how can I test my hardware to make sure everything is running good? is there something I can buy or download to help me test my stuff?
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  1. You can run stress tests to check if it's stable, and benchmarks or similar to look at performance.

    Examples of stress tests would be Memtest86+ for memory, Prime95 for the CPU, and Furmark for the graphics card.

    Benchmarks could be things like 3dmark, Unigine Heaven, Passmark etc.

    Another option would be running Folding@Home, which uses the CPU and/or graphics card to generate useful data for biochemical research; it awards points based on work done, and the number of points per day indicate performance. Tom's Hardware has a Folding@Home team if you're interested.
  2. ok, where can I get memtest86+,prime95,3dmark,unigine heaven and passmark? ill check into that folding@home. It's my first computer build and I spent a lot of cash on my system so I'm trying to learn a few things thanks for the help
  3. Google memtest86+,prime95,3dmark,unigine heaven and passmark
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