Can i swap out my motherboard?

I bought a computer on craigslist and wanna make some upgrades. It currently has the following:

i7-860@2.8GHz CPU
1x 4gig, 2x 2gig RAM
Intel DP55WB Mobo
120g Intel SSD
750g HDD

I want to upgrade the motherboard to be able to accept a second 650 Ti BOOST to run in sli. Not sure which motherboard is a good replacement as i dont need anything fancy, just something that will work with the other hardware and with Sli capabilities that has at least two slots for PCI x16 (the DP55WB can technically run Sli but it only has one x16)Also will having 2 650 Ti BOOST's be too much power for the cpu (i7-860@2.8GHz) and cause it to bottleneck? I'm fairly new to hardware upgrades / installation so im really just making educated guesses here. thanks for the help!
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  1. You can upgrade but you will need to find a 1366 slot for your cpu
  2. Where in the hell did you get that? Oh craiglist, Some of those server boards start around $500. But I found this one it is sli 8X8 @ dual but should deliver. Also what is your PSU you need 750 watts min. good luck.
    You need it in MICRO size that one is ATX (FORM FACTOR)
  3. oh dear, i did get the wrong, i apologize
  4. No NO It will work! the parts have to be selected carefully It's just rare, not wrong
  5. well when i got it, it was minus the SSD and had a AMD HD4600 in it and shitty 650 watt PSU that actually only ran at like 350. I swapped out the gpu for a 650 Ti BOOST and my psu couldnt handle it so i upgraded to a 850watt coolermaster... i think it was a coolermaster... but yeah i also added the SSD. BTW ran into zero problems, just disconnected the HDD, connected the SSD, installed Windows 8, then plugged my HDD back in and poof, drive e: was born. everything on the HDD is running super quickly and everything feels much more responsive and snappier, definitly recommend getting a SSD :)
  6. Good deal, post some benchmarks later.
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