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Hello Everyone,

I have bought a DELL Inspiron N5520 15.6" laptop (Windows 8 64-bit OS). I have only 1 drive in it (i.e. only C Drive). I want to know how to split the hard drive into more partitions. Further I want to install Windows 7 on the drive other than C:\ (because i want to use some software which are not running on windows 8). :??: :??:

Still I have not made any recovery backup file... when should i make it. :??:

Kindly give your suggestions.
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    you need to insert the windows 7 dvd into the drive, and boot from it, then format the drive while in the advanced configuration and let windows install on the empty drive

    when that's all done and you've gotten to the desktop, install all the motherboard drivers from the dell cd and run windows update

    when all the windows updates are done, check to see if dell has any updated drivers for your hardware

    at that point you can install your programs - there's no point IMO in partitioning a laptop drive
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