TV as external monitor displays "Unsupported Mode" on Native Resolution and Refresh Rate

Hello, all! Firstly, this is my television:

It is SUPPOSED to be a 720p, 1440x900 60Hz display, however when I connect my computer to it via HDMI, I will either get a black screen or a blue screen (NOT a bsod) saying "Unsupported Mode."

The TV works fine as an external monitor at 1024x768 resolution, however I would like to use the television to it's fullest potential as a second monitor. I have tried all the different modes under the "List All Modes" area in the display settings, but the native resolution (which is also the "Recommended" setting in Windows) will either be a black screen or an "Unsupported Mode."

Please help. Thank you.

EDIT: I am running Windows 8 on a custom built computer. The graphics card is an HD Raedeon 6850, and it has four outputs: Both variations of DVI, one HDMI (Which I'm connecting to the second monitor with), and a DisplayPort connection.
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  1. your link to the tv goes nowhere... what make and model is it?

    have you looked into whether the tv needs a firmware update? are you using a high speed HDMI cable? does 1024x768 resolution work?
  2. 720p does not equal1440x900. "720p" is 1366x768. There are no 1440x900 tvs. Your trying to set an unsupported resolution that has nothing to do with the TV and is 16x10. And it's telling you that....

    Either set it to "720p" in the catalyst TV section or just set the correct resolution of 1366x768.
  3. Strange that the link doens't work... I'll try again:

    And unksol, the product description is "Element FLX1911B 19" Widescreen LCD HDTV - 720p, 1440x900, 850:1 Native, 5ms, 16:9, VGA, HDMI (Refurbished)"
    What do you mean by "Catalyst TV section?"
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