My PC won't start, I think it's a videocard/motherboard problem..

Hello Tom's hardware, my pc was freezing a lot so I decided to clean it up. I removed the cpu and video card and cleaned them from a lot of dust. After I put the parts back, it would start for a second and then stop... I saw my cpu paste was dried out so I reapplied a new one. So now it starts and doesn't turn off BUT I hear these annoying beeps and there's no image on my monitor. I googled the beeps code and I thought it's a video card problem so I opened it up and saw that it's paste has also dried out and reapplied a new one. I thought this would fix the problem but the beeping is still there and again there is no image on my screen..
I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the other parts, clearing the cmos too,I've rechecked all the connections and tried to boot it without the video card but it's still the same problem. My question is how can I fix it and what to do next? (to locate the problem)

I've uploaded a video so you can see exactly what happens when I power it up -

Here are a couple of pics too :

My motherboard is asus mzn-mx se plus and my videocard is ati radeon 5770

I really want to do everything I can to fix this problem by myself so any help from you guys would be very appreciated. (sorry for my bad English )
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  1. You could try playing around with the RAM. Re-seating it, trying out

    the different sticks and so forth. Sounds like your computer will not POST.
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