Nvidia vs Ati: How big of a factor is Phys X?

Do games with Physics effects designed to take advantage of Phys X suffer when using Ati cards? Tom's hardware currently seems to be recommending the 7970 as the best bang for your buck, but I feel uneasy about the lack of that feature... Plus, last time I got a 5970, and I feel like I got burned with that card, because there were so many issues, maybe HIS is just a shitty manufacturer, I feel some resentment towards ati and that kind of contributes to my hesitation towards getting a 7970 as well...

I'm going to be building a haswell system as soon as it releases, and I was gonna grab a new video card at that time, or a bit earlier. I'm mainly going to be playing an mmo, but also console ports, etc. I don't really play online multiplayer shooters at all, but will play the good single player ones like Far Cry 3 / Bioshock.

Anyway, I'm gonna playing at 1080p for all games, since I don't have a higher res monitor. I read an older review from this site, that for some reason contradicts the latest recommendation and says that 7970 has 13% worse performance than 6870... I'm not sure why exactly things have changed so much since then.
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  1. The problems with new games will allways be there. Yes, you might have an issue running "nvidia' optimised games on amd cards when they are released but thats not AMDs fault, its the coders fault who, ofc, will do a better job optimising the software to the hardware partners. Usualy every game will run smooth on both type of cards (@ the next patch or version of drivers :))
  2. Radeon 7970 is much faster than a Radeon 6870.

    PhysX is in my opinion well worth it, I made a little comparison of PhysX myself, so you can see the difference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STi6rNeYZrY

    Nvidia 700 series is in the release right now and a GTX 780 with an awesome cooler beats the GTX TITAN while it only has a price tag that is 2/3 of the Titan. In my perspective that is quite good value. Here you can see its performance.

  3. Would you recommend 670 over 7970 just for phys X? Or is it not worth it unless I got with a 780?
  4. Physx is pointless, its enabled for 20 games, certainly not worth buying a card over.

    If you have the cash for a 780 then go for it, otherwise the 7970 Ghz is a good performer for a better price.
  5. If you know you are playing a game with GPU accelerated PhysX, and you want to see those features, then PhysX is worth it, otherwise it is not. That is up to you to decide. Borderlands 2 is one such game, so is Batman AC and about 20-30 total games. In those 20-30 games, not all of them do a great job at PhysX anyways, like Metro 2033 where it is so subtle, I can't tell the difference.
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