Keyboard repair after spill

A little while back, I accidentally spilled Coke on my keyboard, Microsoft wireless 800 wireless keyboard, and ever since, a few keys had stopped working. It is a waterproof keyboard, so I don't know why it's not working.
Even right now, I'm using speech recognition to type this out.
I've tried cleaning the keyboard by pouring water on it, but that did not help. When the Coke first spilled on it, it had spilled onto my CPU as well, and thus I had to clean it first, and so the Coke got time to settle onto the circuitry of the keyboard.
Then, a few days later, I tried cleaning the circuitry of the keyboard using rubbing alcohol. When I opened the keyboard, there were three layers of plastic each of them stuck to one another using two something that seems like pressurised locks. Then on top of it, was rubber with the key spots or buttons which is what actually presses against the circuitry, pretty much like television remotes, other than the part that here we have plastic circuitry. Then there is a circuit board which also connects to the battery and the keyboard circuitry. I cleaned the Golden contact points on the circuit board as well. But when I put it all together, it was still like before, all the keys which weren't working before did not work anyways.
So last night, I left the upper plastic casing, which has all the keys, the rubber part, and the plastic one with the circuitry, in water, so that the Coke could come out.
Also, the plastic part I'm talking about looks like this:
now, when I put it back together, it is not working at all.
Someone please tell me what to do about this now.
I need to get my keyboard working again somehow, as I cannot get a new keyboard which will be even half as good as this one. Please help me.
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