4 monitor display setup 3 will be eyefinity.Help needed before buying monitors

As the question says i need help.Atm on my 6950 i ahve a 21in monitor with DVI output and my TV monitor(3D) 50in on my pc HDMI output.. I am thinkign to buy 2x Dell S2340L Black 23" to use with my 21in for eyefinity and my TV will have independed output since i use it only for movies etc.The Dell monitors now have only HDMI outputs and i am thinking if i use the DVI output for my 21in screen my HDMI for my TV ,can i use my mini display ports for my 2 new monitors?? WIll eyefinity work?

EDIT What if i keep my TV on HDMI port leave my 21in on DVI port.Then i buy an adaptor HDMI to DVI for 1 screen and for the other a HDMI to display port..Will this work?
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  1. Both of the new monitors will need active mDP to DVI adapters. Assuming your cards has two unused mDP.
  2. And eyefinity will be off picture ( no easy way to describe it). Since your using different size monitors the pictures won't align even with bezel compensation it would never look right.

    Just saying.
  3. Yeah. I got three monitors, but they are all identical 25.4" screens. You probably want to get same/similar size monitors.
  4. OK i thought it and i will buy another monitor 23" same one Dell...The thing is that i will ahve 3 monitors with HDMI outputs adn i ahve thought os a small solution i will tell it and i need your opinion to see if my thinkign is right..Since Eyefinity need at least 1 monitor to be in a DP then if i take 2 adapters HDMI to DVI i will eb ok with the 2 monitors and then i will only need 1 active adaptor that will be DP to DMI... am i correct or not?

    (in conclusion i will have my TV monitor in HDMI port 1 of the monitor with active adaptor in the DP slot adn the 2 other monitors with HDMI to DVI adaptors in the DVI slots)
    EDIT my card has 2 DVI, 2 mini display ports adn 1 HDMI...those are the outputs.
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