670, 680, 780 or wait a little longer?

i need a new gpu. i am considering of buying a 600 series and wait for another model of the 700 series. but 780 is out and seems to be exceptional. what do you think? should i go for it or settle a while longer with a 670 or 680 (possibly dual sli)?
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  1. Go for the 780. The performance of a Titan for no where near the cost, and if you get a beast overclocker you can match 670 SLI performance, all with one GPU. Not that 670's don't overclock, but still.
  2. Wait for gtx 700 series more products. Here are 2 main reasons
    1 you will get new tech like chipset more memory new bios more performance etc......
    2 the price. If you go to 600 series u will get the price of those products will be down as compare to now.
    Now it's ur choice what u do.
    I personally suggest for waiting.
    Thank you.
  3. right now im thinking of going for a 680 keep it for a while and until then ceep an eye on the 700s but damn that 780...
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