HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 or HD 7750 2gb GDDR3

Hi everyone,

I have to options now and i would like someone to help me choose :)

1: HD 5750 with 1GB of GDDR5 for 58$
2: HD 7750 with 2GB of GDDR3 for 77$

I will be using it for games like GTA 4, ARMA II and xxx: total war's. Medium to high settings is okay for me.

So, What would be the best for me you think?

König 450 Watt
(Planning to get an) A10-6800K
(Planning to get an) ASRock Fm2A85X Extreme4-M

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. 7750 ddr and 5750 ddr5 would be about equal i guess. But i would strongly suggest you to get 7750 gddr5
  2. That is not possible. I'm planning to buy it on some kind of eBay and there is no GDDR5 avaiable.

    Which would you choose if these were the only one on the whole earth? :)
  3. They both have the same bus width so I would choose the 1GB GDDR 5 as it has twice the bandwidth speed right off the bat.

    Both of these cards seems semi old but GDDR3 has been long overtaken by GDDR5 - I honestly find it annoying to see GDDR3 unless it has a 256-384 bit bus. And even then you are severely shorting yourself. But that is my opinion.

    The 5xxx series just seems to low as I use these cards for desktop and browser users at work even.. THe 7xxx series probably has a better GPU but the GDDR3 is really limiting you there.

    The best would be a 2GB GDDR5 card with at least 128-bit bus width. Then you shouldn't have bottle necks.
  4. Eventually i have chosen for a:

    Asus radeon HD 6770 DirectCU Silent with 1GB of GDDR5.

    That is good enough for me i suppose. I like to play games like GTA 4, Dirt or Company of Heroes on medium to high settings and this will make me achieve it i believe :)
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