Question about Asus GeForce GTX680!

I was wondering if the ASUS GeForce GTX680 2GB does include Nvidia PhysX? Can't decide which GPU to choose and if this card har Physx I'm going to choose this one!
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    Yes but Physx is nothing to buy a card over, its supported in 20 games.

    If you are spending the money on a 680 then you might aswel get the much faster 780, or drop down to the 670 which is the exact same card with $100 saved and a different name. Or you could wait till the 30th and get the 770.
  2. yeah, getting a GTX680 is a HUGE waste of money, just get the GTX670 if you really want PhysX, if you don't. HD7970 GHz is faster AND cheaper than the GTX680... But alas it has no PhysX.
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