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TRIM with SSDs in RAID 1

Last response: in Storage
May 26, 2013 1:04:41 PM

Building a new system and looking for current info.

CPU - Intel i7-3820
MoBo - Asus P9X79LE BIOS v4005
OS - Windows 8 x64bit
Storage - OCZ Vector SSDs 256GB (2 drives)
RAID 1 (Mirror) - On-board Controller

OCZ SSDs have embedded Garbage Collection which runs during system idle. I want to enable TRIM. I recently learned that TRIM can now be enabled to work with RAID 0 (Striping). It seems to me that TRIM with RAID 0 is far more involved that with RAID 1. Why TRIM with RAID 0, but not TRIM with RAID 1? What am I missing?

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May 26, 2013 1:58:32 PM

Sakkura said:
TRIM was enabled with RAID1 before RAID0. A RAID0 array is more fragile than a RAID1 array, which is apparently why it took longer for TRIM to be supported with RAID0.

Thanks to Sakkura for the response.
I'm brand new to SSDs. A month ago I knew nothing about "Wear Leveling". I knew nothing about TRIM. It hadn't occurred to me that I wasn't supposed to Defrag an SSD. All I knew was that I seemed to be wearing out Hard Drives like there was no tomorrow. I was using RAID 1 as security against mechanical failure of the drives, and thank goodness I was. I decided to bite the cost bullet and go with SSDs to try to get away from the constant drive failure. So I searched for info that was more recent than 1 year or two old. All I could find was TRIM was just coming on line for RAID 0, but not a word about TRIM with RAID 1. In reading the AnandTech article it's clear that the difficulty is in developing TRIM with RAID 0, as I would have suspected. The implication is that TRIM with RAID 1 is so easy that it should have been obvious. There is almost no info regarding TRIM with RAID 1. It's all about TRIM with RAID 0 just coming on line. I'm new to the game. I admit it. As such all info is equally weighted. When I see nothing about TRIM with RAID 1 I assume that there IS NO info. When in fact it's been there all the time, and should have been obvious. Anyway, I hope I've got it right. Kinda windy aren't I? Thanks again.