Computer Reboots during Windows 8 Install.

I'm dong a new custom build for a customer.
Biostar A960G+ Motherboard
AMD FX-6100 Processor
8BG Microcenter DD# Ram
1TB Toshiba Hard Drive
Windows 8 64-Bit

Here's the issue, the computer posts, and everything seems OK. I boot to the Windows 8 64-BIT OEM DVD. The Windows 8 Splash Screen appears. In a few minutes, the computer restarts. I thought it may have been bad media, so I downloaded a copy of Win 8, with the same issues as the store-bought copy. No BIOS updates are available. According to Biostar the MB is "Windows 8 Ready". Checked CPU temp. was running about 16 Deg C, so definitely not restarting/failing due to heat. All of the forums go over what to do with errors that show up during Windows 8 installs, but I can't find anything on what to do if the files aren't loading. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone at all?
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  1. have you tried loading windows from a usb flash drive?
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    If it's rebooting during setup and different media doesn't help as mcnumpty suggested, you may want to run tests on the RAM and installed storage device to make sure they are OK.

    Another possibility (although far less likely) would be a power supply problem.
  3. I tried a downloaded version of 8 before I posted this question, but yes, I tried different media. Instead of an actual memory test, I pulled out one stick at a time, assuming that BOTH wouldn't be bad. But that didn't help. It occurred to me that this is when Windows would have been loading initial devices to prepare for install, so I disabled everything on the motherboard that I could, leaving only video, keyboard and mouse. Also with the same result. Beyond frustrated, I decided to try to install Windows 7 off of one of the disks here, and the same thing happened. I even installed a video card, and at that point it wouldn't even POST. This was definitely an issue, because 2 weeks ago, I used the exact same build, but for someone that wanted to stick with 7. I had been chasing the red herring of "Windows 8 is a pain to install". I basically took everything out of the equation, except the power supply. So...I pull the computer out of the little cubby that it was sitting in, rocked the computer forward as I do when I'm getting ready to pull the power plug, and I noticed something that I've been feeling the urge to punch myself in the face about ever since. The voltage...on the power supply...was 220! Yeah...I'm having to swallow a significant amount of pride to publish the findings in a public forum. But hey, I can't be the ONLY absent-minded computer guy, right? Thanks everyone!
  4. Ouch. That would definitely do it. You have no idea how happy I am that newer power supplies don't care whether the input voltage is 110/115 or 220VAC. No more manual switches required :).
  5. This is a brand new one. Cheap, but brand new.
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