How can I test my hard drive for stability?

I just had my 500gb DIE today. I was downloading and watching movies on it last night no problem...

heard some damn clicks and now it won't work.

Is there any possibility of data recovery?

How can I test my current hard drive before it fails completely?
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  1. hard to recover data if its got the click of death

    test your current drive by downloading the drive makers diagnostic tool
  2. Generally you won't be able to diagnose it. Even if you test for bad sectors or look at smart, the click of death is caused by none of this. Most of the times hdds will just suddenly die as it did with you. You should always keep backups.
  3. you could try to use a external drive box to retreive your data but if the drive dont start or made cliking noise all the time your out of luck ,time to get a new drive .
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