I'm in need of some serious help!

I just bought an Intel DG45ID motherboard and an Intel Q9650 CPU. Do I need to install the driver software for the mobo? I put the disc into the drive and it isn't doing anything. My old mobo only supported ram speeds of 400 and this one should be doing 800 but when I look at cpu-z it says the cpu is running at 1999.75MHz, shouldn't it be running at 3000MHz? And when I go to the memory tab it says the memory is only running at 400Mhz. The reason I got a new mobo is was so my ddr2 1066MHz ram would at least run at 800 as I couldn't find a ddr2 1066 board. My disk drive is opening but it won't read anything... I don't even think the mobo recognizes it because it doesn't show up in "My Computer" and I can't hear the disk spinning when I close the drive.

I'm just so frustrated I'm just wondering if I should buy a new case (I put this all into an hp case that was bought back in 2008), hard drive, disk drive.

Please help!
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  1. Is the drive powered & the sata plugged in?
  2. Yes. Would maybe changing it to a different sata port fix the problem with the disk drive? Like I said it opens and closes but doesn't read. I can't even reformat my computer. Plus my best guess is that the reason that my RAM isn't running at 800MHz is because it is running on the old mobo's bios
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    Worth a try, you will know when the disk is loading/installing. Now every thing is minimum default setting.
  4. motherboard only supports DDR2-800/667. if it says 400 it's running it correctly.

    the motherboard used? if so there may be some malfunctions. try another SATA connection on the board.

    sometimes you need to open my computer and click on the drive to make it spin up.

    maybe the board is finicky about that particular drive? maybe it's toast?
  5. It's a brand new never been opened mobo

    and shouldn't the ram be running at 800 not 400? I have g.skill 1066 ram sticks.
  6. Motherboards downclock all memory by default you have to go into BOIS & select your memory's native speed & timings settings
  7. DDR/double data rate. you can try overclocking the 1066. but don't expect 533 results.
  8. ur6beersaway said:
    Motherboards downclock all memory by default you have to go into BOIS & select your memory's native speed & timings settings

    Would it be bad to go over 800MHz?
  9. You are best off sticking with stock/native settings of your sticks.
    But you might get away with a mild OC
    If your settings are to high or wrong you will not be able to boot. BSOD, crashes & freeze ups.
    Running at a high OC successfully will shorten memory life.
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