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First, sorry for my English, I speak french!

I come to ask for help, because even after searching about 1 hour on different site, I still found nothing.

I am looking for a USB hub with memory card reader, all in USB 3.0. The problem is that it should be possible to fix it under the desk. This is free work stations. I want to have a minimum of 3 USB ports.

I found on website, a USB version 2.0, but it's starting to be obsolete.

The link of an example of a product that I'm looking for, but I want a USB version 3.0: http://

Do you have any ideas of manufacturer or model for me?

Thank you!
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  1. Yes, but it must be external and connect with only one USB cable to the computer. is for mac
  2. read this for the usb 3.0 support on mac
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