Does the PIC to PIC-E cable help to add 2 Graphic Cards?

I have a nice graphic card installed on my desktop but the 3D performance is not that good. I upgraded from ATI-Raedeon HD 5450 Series 2 GB DDR3 to ASUS NVIDIA Ge Force GT 630 4 GB DDR3. I wanted to install the old graphic card also but my motherboard didn't have 2 graphics slots. Then, I thought to look out for a new motherboard but it is for $300 which is too expensive. Then, I found the PCI to PCI-E converter cable. Will both the graphic cards be used together giving the output on one screen?
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    Wouldnt go through with that upgrade, the low end Keplers are quite horrible for gaming performance, you would be getting a sidegrade to slight upgrade at best. If you want decent gaming performance at 1080p (good at 720p) I think a HD7770 is the minimum you should get. If you cant afford it, then save up until you can. The Price/Performance of the cards at the 630's price tier are in a word abysmal, buying a more expensive card will get you far better value.

    What you are thinking of is Crossfire/SLI, which is where you run multiple cards in tendem for extra performance. However this can only be done on cards with the same GPU, and definitely not across Nvidia/AMD cards. So unless you get another HD5450, you cant run multiple cards and expect any performance boost.
  2. manofchalk, My gaming performance is already good for me and I am satisfied with the performance but I was just looking for some more performance by getting my old graphic card into use. You said that both the GPUs should be same to get multi gpu performance, so should i get another ASUS NVIDIA Ge Force GT 630 4 GB DDR3 Card to do the trick?

    My main purpose is to get my old Graphic Card into use.

    I also wanted to know that where is the PCI-PCIE slot on the motherboard.
    I will try to give you a picture of my Motherboard.

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