What is the best graphics card my pc can handle without bottlenecking?

Here is my config,
1-Intel g2010 processor
2-Seasonic SS400BT PSU- 400Watts
3-Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 Mobo
4-Corsair 4gb ddr3 1333 mhz value ram
5-Dell IN1930 18.5 inch monitor
4- 3 120mm LED fans(2 connected to PSU
and 1 to mobo.

Thanks in advance!
is there any g card which draws less power?
i am going for a low power consumption built.
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  1. 7770
  2. hd 7770 or gtx 650ti is good for you
  3. thanks for the replies :D
    well, i bought a PowerColor HD7750 1 gb ddr5 as u said my system can handle up to 7770, but i just noticed on the box it says 450watt pSU required where as mine is only 400W:(
    Seasonic SS400BT is the only PSU that fits in my budget and have 80+ Bronze at that price and 30 Amps @ +12v rail.
    Do i need to change that PSU now?
    Thanks in advance :D
  4. no need to change psu.it will work 100%
  5. totally 4 way sli titans!!! no but the gtx 650 ti boost has serverd me well the 2 months ive had it i would definetly reccomed
  6. ASHISH65 said:
    no need to change psu.it will work 100%
  7. thanks for help guys. :)
  8. No problem.You're welcome!
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