i5 3330 + gtx 650 ti or i3 3220 + hd 7850

hi ppl.
i'm very short in money for a new pc, as mine is already pretty much outdated ( dual core + gt 240).
and so, based on my budget, i found these alternatives. i5 3330 is stronger than i3 3220 with hyperthreading, and beyond that, having an advantage: it is more future proof, as more games are starting to take advantage of more cores ( 3 or 4 cores )

but , hd 7850(oc'ed at 1ghz) simply crushes gtx 650 ti by a significant 35 to 40% difference. oc'ed at that level, it easily bypasses the gtx 570 and competes with hd 7870, gtx 660 ti and gtx 580. beyond that, it can also play games at 1366x768(my resolution) with all the detail, AA and AF cranked up.

so that's it ppl. i want to know which combo suits my needs better. as i said previously, my resolution is 1366x768. any opinions are welcome.
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  1. I'd go with the i5 and 650 ti. At that resolution, even though the 7850 gets better frames, the 650 ti has plenty of horsepower to deliver playable framerates with the eye candy turned up. Further down the road, you can also throw in another 650 ti, or a completely different video card and not be limited by a dual core cpu.
  2. ^ +1

    I agree. Go with the i5 and GTX 650ti (and if possible, a 2GB version)
  3. gtx 650ti boost can also considered
  4. with such a low resolution the 650ti would be enough, would probably see more benefit with the i5 over the i3. If you had a higher res monitor I would say the 7850. If you can stretch for a 650ti boost then that would be the best of both worlds.
  5. Yes that was what I suspected. I3 can bottleneck HD 7850 to near-GTX 650 ti perfomance in that resolution. Beyond that, I play a lot of strategy games which benefit of better processor.
    However, I can't understand a thing. GTX 650 Ti boost is equal to the HD 7850(non-OC'ed). And stretching the budget to the GTX 650 ti boost would put a lot of pressure on my already strained budget. So, the choice is really between the two combos. Remember : I would like to play on max and perhaps some AA and AF on some good demanding games. And HD 7850 seems up to the task I want. But, I5 and GTX 650 Ti is a far more balanced build: A very good CPU and a very good GPU(at 1366x768). HD 7850 would be a monster gpu that could not be utilised at 100% level.

    So yes, the I5 and GTX 650 Ti combo seems reasonable(it costs 7 euros more than the i3+hd 7850), but at the advantage that in my resolution there will be no bottlenecks, as I5 3330 is one of the strongest processors for gaming.(i3 could bottleneck a gtx 580 level gpu on 1366x768). Thanks for all of your opinions.
  6. i5 + 650 ti Boost! http://amzn.to/10XIWaV
  7. I live on portugal, so buying on American shops could increase the cost of the product by more 40%, due to the Import Taxes and Shipping Rates.

    Best bet is to buy on european online shops, where I don't have to pay Import Costs, like overclockers co uk.
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