ION2 Vantec 520W PSU with GTX260+ Full specs provided

So my girlfriend has a pc with a ION2 Vantec 520W.
I am looking at putting a GTX260+ in it so that I can play skyrim and dishonored.
Basically it's said that I should have at least 200Watts free for this graphics card and that
would sound about right if this PSU was really 520W but also the 260+
it seems can use up to 320watts I saw on one site.
Just wondering if it's safe to use this card with this PSU or if anyone can recommend a low budget graphics card for this PSU, though my options are limited as looking at getting one second hand for like $25.

Here is the PSU specs

AC Input

115~230V / 10A~6A / 60/50Hz
DC Output

+5V +3.3V +12V1 +12V2 -12 +5VSB
Max Output Current:

25A 25A 20A 20A 0.3A 2.5A
Max Combined:

160W 384W 18.5W Wa

1x 20+4 pin 4x SATA 1x 8pin CPU (8-pin EPS12V) 1x PCI-E 6 pin 1x PCI-E 6+2 pin 6x 4 Pin peripheral (molex) 2x Floppy
Cooling System

13.5cm temperature-controlled silent fan

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    you're fine, go ahead and pop it in there and get to playing. the max that card pulls is around 190W, and its recommended that you have a 500W power supply, which in case you do. It has 2 decent 12v rails so its technically more then enough.
  2. Cool thanks, so even if this card uses up to 300 watts it should be all good?
    I don't intend on using any overclocking or using more than 2 rams sticks one HDD one DVD drive etc.
  3. The GTS450 seems to use a bit less power than this card and is pretty cheap with better performance.

    Some other people are saying the 260+ you would need a 650 watts cheap brand psu to be safe.

    The PSU calculator though seems to give pretty low ratings 377 watts for the 260 and 322 watts for the GTS450.
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