Building my first watercooling system, and price estimation?

I want to build my first water-cooling system and I want to start off big and my goal is to create a good looking pc case :)
If any one want to i have some pictures of my current pc her: Click the images below to see larg.

I'v decided to go with Corsairs D900 which looks amazing, with 5 radiator mounting places. 2x480 1x360 2x240 radiators.

When it comes to parts i need and brands i need help.
Would it be wise to buy a complete set and than add the rest i need?
Are there any sets that comes with 2x480 and 1 360 radiator?

I need block/'s for a pair of Titans and a cpu block for the upcoming Haswell platform. With multiple gpu's do I use 2 singel blocks or a double?
Should I get blocks for more than just the cpu on the mobo? like north south memory?
How difficult is it to install a waterblock on a gpu? I'm not a stranger to hardware and fiddled quit a bit with it but never installed a block on a gpu.

Radiators: I'm thinking 2 480 for the gpu's and 1 360 for the cpu.
Pump: Is 1 enough for 3 radiators? A 2x480 and a 360.
Reservoir: If 1 pump isn't enough I guess Ill be needing two reservoirs with liquid?

Has there been any motherboards with a complete liquid cooled solution?
Dos any one have an estimate on a price for such a setup?

Thanks a lot for your help
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    First place for an intrepid water cooler, the water-cooling sticky. It will give you enough info to get a general idea of what your doing.

    From there, pull together a loop you think will work and post it here for feedback, youl find the water-coolers here (including myself) wont just give you a parts list. Its much better that you understand why each component is picked rather than just follow what we say.

    - Need a block per component being cooled
    - Water-cooling the mobo isnt going to lead to much, maybe if you cool the VRM's and your after extreme overclocks it would make a difference.
    - Not very, its just fiddly. Plenty of tutorials out there, and all blocks mount pretty much the same way.

    Radiators: Theres a section in the sticky on how to calculate loop TDP, which will tell you how many rads you need.
    Pump: Bigger concern is the number of blocks than radiators, they are far more restrictive. WIth a loop like that, probably worth getting two even if you parallel the cards.
    Reservoir: This has no impact to your running temperatures, get whichever and how many suits your loop and preference.

    One of the high end ASUS Z77 models (forgot which, Rampage?) has a water-block on it at stock for the VRM's, and partnered with EK to cover the rest of the board. Though for Z87 boards I think your out of luck.

    Cost estimate...
    $600-800 to do everything but the mobo at a rough guess.
  2. Thanks for your answear. Help'd a lot.
    I will start digging my self into the world of water as soon as i get some time on my hands.
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