How long should system restore take?

I'm trying system restore on my laptop and was wondering how long that takes .it's been going for a half hour sounds like it's working but it doesn't change. It says files and settings are being restored. But a half hr? And still going?
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  1. Laptops have notoriously slow hard drives to save battery.
    I might give it a couple of hours before pulling the plug.
  2. Depends on how much changed between the time of you creating the system restore and what you did after. Usually system restore doesn't take that long though. I would obviously seriously advise against shutting down the system. For me a system restore usually only takes about 2 minutes.

    Feel free to come back in a couple of hours and tell us if its done anything.
  3. I did a FULL Manufacturer System Restore using 2 DVD discs on AMD Dual Core, 3 GB of ram. It took 6 hours.

    Yes..... Face palm.
  4. There are two types of system restore.
    1. restore to a previous checkpoint.
    2. Recover from a backup like an external dvd. That will take a long time.
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