dlink dir 655, either extremely slow or unreliable

Recently i hooked up my old router since my rogers modem/router crapbox (the smc3gdn) was giving a weak signal to the front right side of my house. So i decided to hook up an dir 655 i had lying around assuming it would be better. The first few weeks it was working perfectly. Then recently it started losing connection. The computer is connected to the router and says there is internet access, but really there isn't any. Firfox gives timeout errors and anything requires the internet says it has no internet. This only happens to my recently built desktop with a tp-link wd4800 wifi card and an old macbook (the plastic one), and a galaxy s2. Everything else can stay connected (ipad, razr hd, 2011 macbook pro, and wired desktops). They aren't all connected at the same time. When a connection is maintained it slower than what it was before. I changed the channels (only 1 other channel in my area and that one is on 3 and i was on 6 by default), reset the router to default settings, disabled qos and shaping. But in the first few weeks it was working perfectly, i could stream hd videos on youtube without getting any pauses, now it takes about 15 seconds to load google. My connection the the router is at 4 bars aswell.
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  1. Check to see if there a firmware update for the router. If it one pc and not all see if the wifi device in that pc has updated drivers. The last could be there dust or heat issue in the old router.
  2. I almost wonder if it needs a cleaning? If its old, it might be dusty inside? Might want to open it up and see if there is anything loose/dirty inside.
  3. I cleaned it out, there wasn't much dust inside, but the firmware is from 2009. I read up on the Internet that this router is pretty bad and is one of those things that should have never been made. People have also been having this problem since it came out. It also appears it's either hit or miss with it working properly.
  4. Probably more likely. I know a lot of people don't like Dlink. I didn't have any problem with their product, I think I had the DI-604. Fantastic little router. But I know they had the 524(?) that people said was junk.
  5. I've used a couple DIR 655 routers. They are pretty good if you update the firmware. They don't like to get too hot, but then that's true for most home routers that I have seen.
  6. Kind of a dumb question but how do i update it? And will it lose all my settings and will i have to set it up all over again (creating a network, name, password, etc).
  7. I think it's done from within the router firmware, as I recall. And, you can save settings to file first if you like.

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