i3 + 7750 or fx 6300 + budget gpu

hey there. im building a 600 us$ system. it's for gaming and multitasking. i.e, 16 browser tabs + youtube + video edition + music + utorrent .

However, prices here in Argentina are really really high ( an hd 7970 is almost 800 us$ so i am thinking in a i3 plus a 7750. but..will that be enough for multitask? on the other hand, the 6300 will do better in multitask but for the price i wont be able to get a good gpu.

prices converted :

i3 + 4 gb ddr3 + asus pbh61 mlx3 = 300 usd
hd 7750 = 200 usd ( I chose it over the 7770 cause consumes less and doesnt need expensive psu)

i have a case and a hdh. its sata 2 .

The fx 6300 is 250 usd without mother and ram. and i dont know wich gpu to use.

Im pretty sure i can run crysis 3 on high with the firt build, right?

And also, i was thinking in a build more dedicated to data speed. like usb 3.0, 1 tb sata 3 hdd and such. but i would have to drastically lower the cpu and gpu. so.. what does the pro's have to say about that? :P if you want, reccomend a totally diferent build, ill give you the prices from my country. i do have a psu but it's quite humble. but for the 7750 i dont need much. thanks!
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  1. If you will be multitasking, I would buy lots of ram. 8gb at least.

    Which I3 are you looking at?
    If you buy one with hyperthreading, it will help your multitasking.
    Since games rarely use more than 2-3 cores, I think a I3 would be better most of the time.
    A i3-3220 with HT would be good.
    The 7750 is powered by the pci-e slot, so a minimal 300w psu will do.
    If it is of decent quality, keep it.
    Hard drives can not saturate sata 2. It takes a good SSD.
    And... if you need usb3.0, you can always buy an add in usb3.0 card.
    Lastly, I doubt that you will be able to run crysis3 without a discrete graphics card that is very much stronger than a 7750.
  2. i would be getting an i3 3220. i didnt know about the usb 3.0 card. cool!
  3. geofelt said:

    oh that is cheap! great.

    So you say the i3 3220 will handle multi tasking well with just 4 gb the ram?
  4. i3+7750
  5. The i3-3220 should have adequate cpu power, and sufficient threads.
    But, I suggest a 8gb kit of 2 x 4gb. Good multitasking is helped by being able to keep all your active tasks in ram.
    You will need a 64 bit OS to support >4gb of ram.
    With insufficient ram, you will have to swap code in and out to your page file. Even with a ssd, that will be slow.
    If it makes a difference, ram faster than 1333 is not necessary.
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    3220 and 7750 will do a lot better in games then the 6300 with a cheap low end GPU. The 6300 will be faster in video editing but the crap GPU will kill your frame rates. I'd go with the 3220.

    Emad, spammers are something else and I will deal with them. (as I deal with name callers and rudeness.) Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a "spammer".
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