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I need help with network management assignment.
Company with 15 people. Using server with Windows Server 2012 Essentials.
They are using services like: File server, Web server, E-mail server etc.

And I have following question:

For the network management recommend additional services needed, suggest a maintenance schedule and identify
technical resources necessary for the given network support. Explain why these services are important, and describe the
results of main HW components failure (e.g. network availability).

Can someone help me answer this question? Thank you!
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  1. Homework assignment.

    What online resources have you been to that didn't answer these questions?
  2. USAFRet said:
    Homework assignment.

    What online resources have you been to that didn't answer these questions?

    I googled "Network management" and results were network management tools. Can you give me some hints about network management services?
  3. While many of us (myself included) could google around and find some specific answers to your question, the concept here is for you to find that info on your own.

    If people just give you the answer, you've learned nothing.
  4. OK, thank you for your help.
  5. Arcadin , For peering back at you (seeing what the world sees when looking at your website, mailserver, etc., you might want to try I use some of these everyday and I also subscribe to's toolset. is not free but once you understand how the tools work and why you should be able to test quickly. has saved my bacon more than a few times.

    1) Who is doing DNS for your website?
    2) What do you do regarding spam?
    3) Redirecting any websites? ( legitimately say a .com and .net domain name pointing to the same content)
    4) Do people your company does business with call you and say email has not come yet or received a bounced message?

    My point is what do you want to do?
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