New built gaming computer. Worked for first 20 minutes but now it won't boot at all. I changed bios settings beforehand Help!

Corsair hx850 PSU
i7 proessor 3.6 ghz
Atx p9 x79 Asus Mb
Asus Gtx 660 ti ddr5 3gb GPU
Corsair 1600 MHz ddr3 RAM
I have an arctic liquid cooler for my graphics card and a corsair h55 liquid cooler for my CPU
I have 3 computer fans that came with the case and and a cd/DVD drive and 1tb hdd it was meant for a laptop but it can still work for a desktop...

So I built my gaming computer right off the bat I can tell you that I didn't ground the motherboard properly onto the case but it seemed to at least boot and go directly to the bios setup for the first 20 minutes until i changed the bios settings. Every time i would boot from the hdd it would show the windows logo would almost blue screen right away (which is why I changed some of the settings in the first place in the bios)

So currently my computer will basically once I hit the power button it will flash on and all the fans will twitch and it will power back down. The only times I've gotten it to boot it is because I'm pushing the 24 pin connector from my power supply really hard into the motherboard 24 pin slot... I have checked both the connector and the slot and both of them seem to have everything aligned properly. I have taken out the CMOS battery to try and reset the bios because while I'm firmly pressing the 24 pin cable into the motherboard to get it to turn on it gives me the message that it is going to shut down in 15 seconds because my priority is set to USB which I don't even remember setting the bios to that.

Does any one have suggestions?

Also I am running windows 7ultimate 64bit on the Hdd but like I said I was having issues beforehand and it was blue screening when windows was loading. Even tried to repair it so I also need help getting my settings correct in order to boot windows properly.
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  1. Clear CMOS again. Try starting it up again. If you have time...get into BIOS as soon as possible...if it will run long enough. Set all parameters to default. Exit and Save.
  2. Make sure the CMOS is out for about a minute before you put it back in! It should reset your BIOS settings, and allow you to boot.
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