Any software that fixes a hard disk bad block

is there any type of free software that will fix an event ID 7, The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 has a bad block 1%
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  1. Not really. Bad blocks are physical damages on the disk(s). Almost every time, once you have bad blocks, you will get more. There is software that marks the blocks as bad so the system won't use them anymore. But as soon as a few critical blocks of the Operating System are badly damaged, you will get blue screens etc. and have the risk that your system will not boot anymore.
    Better get a new hard disk asap and save your data.
  2. get hdd regenerator it works
  3. "Recovering and restoring" with HDD Regenerator:

    According to "Nesa's" testing, HDD Regenerator corrupts user data.
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