Would my amd fx 8150 CPU bottleneck the GTX 780?

I'm looking to upgrade my 660ti and was interested in purchasing the gtx 780 but will it my cpu amd fx 8150 bottleneck it

Yes, will I get a bottleneck
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  1. Do you mean if your CPU will bottleneck it?
  2. Yes, by about 10 or so FPS.
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    The FX 8150 is not the best gaming CPU out there but it will get you going, there is no point of upgrading to 8350 to get an extra frame or two, and also it would be much more expensive if you upgrade to intel because you will then have to change most of your system, so i think just go with what you have, 10 FPS or so is not a big deal, still the GTX 780 will be a huge performance boost for you over what you currently have.

    EDIT: it also very much depend on the game itself, if the game is optimized well for PC, your CPU will not be a problem at all and will never be 100% utilized because the game will almost fully depend on the power of the GPU to run fluently.

    But if the game a is CPU hungry poor console port then your CPU might slow it down a bit, but that is not a very common case so all in all you should be fine.
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