External Hard Disk asking to format VERBATIM 1TB

Like most of the threads I have that problem that whenever I connect my 3.0 cable to my desktop/laptop. it's asking me to reformat it. Checked Disk Management and this are the details:

Disk 1:
931.51 GB

931.51 GB RAW
Healthy (Primary Partition)

I already tried changing the drive letter from F to G.

I am currently trying this software called EaseUS Data Recovery.

Any other routes any of you may have please I need help. recovering all the files.
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  1. RAW hard drive often could be caused by many reasons, such as computer operating system problems, virus attack problems and even failed drive problems, etc.

    Therefore, in order to get back your needed data, you may try data recovery software and then format this drive to see whether it could work again.

    (There is plenty of data recovery software online. You should select a proper one after doing much researching over the internet. )

    Read more information of RAW drive data recovery freeware here:

    In all, after experiencing this trouble, you should learn to back up all your important data at least on two hard drives or locations.
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