Hello i have a HD7970 + smbx2331 Samsung led display....In the catalyst control center, under Properties (digital flat-panel) tab it shows my display has maximum reported refresh rate of 75 hz , where as when i check it in my display's properties it shows maximum 60 hertz?...why is there a difference bw two values? ...heres a pic

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  1. flat panel work well at 60 hertz the 75 hertz in the maximum it could handle ,leave it at 60 hertz .
  2. How can i change it to 75hz? .....
  3. never mind i got it by clicking "show all modes" in my graphic cards properties....it shows if i lower down my resolution to 1400 something..only then will i be able to get 75 hz thanks anyway
  4. you will do that at your own risk ,it is in the ccc panel settings .
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