New motherboards for Haswell

Hello im going to be building a new gaming pc and obviously im going to wait for Haswell chips to come out but im wondering when will the motherboards for them come out? I know they have a new socket i think its 1150 if im not wrong. I like asus motherboards i think they are called the z87 u can see them in youtube but anyone know when they will be launched? or other brands?I like asus more.

Thank u and sorry for the bad english
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  1. Should be around the same time.
  2. Intel nda on the new haswell won't end till June 3 or so. So right now your going to see sneak peaks of mb. You can try asus rog forum to see if they dropped any photos of there new mb. Gigabyte and msi and esc all have had there new mb x87 on computer talk web pages.
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