Custom Built Desktop now randomly freezes

I have had this computer since December of last year. So about more than 5 months. For those first few months the desktop did not freeze up. It did however get constant, or more constant than it should have been, blue screens. (Which I think I finally found the driver that was causing such an error this whole time.)

Now though, it will lock up. No messages or anything. It doesn't slow down either. It just completely freezes. No input responses will work or anything.

I did look this up as well. I went through several searches to see the solutions people went through to help fix or what could cause the problem.

The first thing I tried was a memory test using MemTest. I went through it about 2 times. The first time was about 3 hours with 4 or 5 passes. The second time was 11 hours with 13 passes. As of now I am doubting it's the memory.

I tried a few quick stress test with Prime95. I got no errors from there either.

I then stress tested my graphics card with FurMark, and nothing out of the ordinary either.

I opened up the case to see if anything looked wrong with the motherboard. Mostly to see if there were any blown capacitors, yet I saw none. Or I did not look hard enough.

I wanted to say it was the HDD but I did a disk check on that and was told it was healthy.

I still want to say it's the motherboard as I used Falcon Four's UBCD for Windows to do more checks and it also ended up freezing. Then again I ran another Live CD, through a USB though, for several hours and it did not freeze at all that time.

I have yet to check for any viruses yet, but somehow I doubt that is the problem. That and I haven't really been anywhere too sketchy.

My computer specs:
AMD Phenom II X4 965

2 sticks of 4GB DDR3 RAM (I don't remember the brand/model or the MHz. If those are needed, then I will find out.)

ASUS M5A99X EVO Motherboard

2047MB GeForce GTX 560 (EVGA)

One Seagate 750GB HDD

The PSU is Thermaltake TR2 TRX 650w

I'm running Windows 7 65bit SP1 on the computer.

And if it helps, I think it started to freeze up after installing Metro Last Light through Steam. I'm not sure if software can cause problems like this. Or if it's just a coincidence that it started to freeze after the installation. It doesn't always freeze when playing the game either. The first time it froze, I had yet to play the game. It was still installed at the time however.

Sorry for the long post and details, and if anything seems out of place. Thanks for reading through who ever does. I know this isn't the first time someone has asked a question like this. I also apologize if I am posting this in the wrong spot.
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  1. Well, you have excluded many hardware mistakes, but not all of them. Before we concern us with the software, let't exclude more, although it sounds to me like a driver issue.

    At first, we'll look at the temperatures. Install Speedfan, if you don't have it already. Start it, make a screenshot and post it here. Alternatively, retype the shown fan speeds and temps. It has to be Speedfan, since it's the only program to show the Phenom's temps correctly.

    For how long did you stress test your CPU with Prime95?
  2. I don't think I have an overheating problem. My CPU hasn't ever gone up to 60C. My GPU has gotten to 71C though.

    Here are multiple images. Comparison with Speccy as that's what I always used to check my temperatures. It was also pretty spot on with the correct temperatures, so I don't think Speedfan is the only program to get the temperature correctly.

    I have images with both Prime95 running and without.



    The longest I have run Prime95 is about 25 minutes. I've been told if there really was a problem with my CPU it should have either shut down within the first 30 seconds or at least given me an error.
  3. I didn't really believe you have a CPU heat problem either, I just wanted to play safe. Also I wanted to see the other temperatures, but they are pretty good, too. We can certainly exclude heat issues.

    When I had a Phenom, CoreTemp and other popular programs were showing the wrong temperature, which was below room temp, except SpeedFan. Either Speccy uses the same readout technique or it was just an issue with the X6-Phenoms.

    Anyway, now we're going to look for software issues. As a first step, you should enable the Bluescreen. Sounds silly, but this may help us to analyze the problem. Right click on "Computer" -> "Properties" -> "Change Settings" -> "Advanced" tab -> under the headline “Startup and Recovery” press “Settings” -> uncheck "Automatically Restart". Restart your computer just to be safe and then try to cause the freeze. With a bit luck the BSOD will appear and you can note the code written on the screen. If it worked, post the code here, if not we'll look for other solutions.
  4. I'm not so sure I can just cause the freeze to happen. It happened at random points. And neither times was it a Blue Screen. My earlier Blue Screen incidents are unrelated I assume. But I do know that they were all a "driver equal or less" problem. Which seems to be caused by a driver from a Belkin wireless adapter I use for internet access.

    The screen would just freeze up with no response.

    If you think this will end up with a Blue Screen however I can try. As I said though I wouldn't be sure how to cause it. From all the times it has frozen as so, which I think would be about four times total so far, each time I was doing something different. Except maybe the first two. So as to cause it I wouldn't really know.
  5. I only hope that instead of the freeze a bluescreen will appear now, although it can just freeze again. But even that's a hint. If you could let your computer turned on for a few hours, perhaps it will happen sooner or later.

    Also it isn't excluded a virus may have caused that, since they behave in very different ways and there are always new ones. Have you checked for viruses already? What is your Antivirus program? You could also run this one just to be sure, it's one of the best and you don't need to install anything:
    Tell me if it found something, then you can copy&paste it here.

    My last suggestion is to go to a restore point, which removes certain drivers or system changes without affecting your files. But let's see if the above will work first.
  6. Well the scanner detected nothing. So I assume my computer isn't infected.

    I was thinking of just erasing all drivers and reinstalling them to see if that solves anything.
  7. You could try it, but because of their leftovers the problems can maintain. I'd recommend you to use a restore point, which deletes drivers completely, also Windows updates. In a few cases they fuck up more than you'd think :D

    Do you know how you get to the restore point? If not:
    Follow the steps 1-2, then select "Repair you computer". Then in the "System recovery options" window appears, select "System restore". Looks like this:
    Now you can choose a restore point. You can also view the drivers and updates which are going to be removed. The good thing is, you can see the dates when they were installed, so pick a date when you assume the freezes have started.
    I'd recommend you this option not only because of the advantages mentioned above, but also if you uninstall drivers through Windows, it will create new restore points and the oldest ones are going to be deleted.
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