Quiet CPU cooler for AMD F1 socket A-series processor?

The stock CPU cooler for the AMD A-series processors is ridiculously loud, especially considering I'm using it as an HTPC. Are there any reliable, quiet cpu coolers for this cpu?

I'm using a fairly large midsize Antec case, so I should be able to fit pretty much anything.

I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 on another machine for comparison, which I consider to be relatively quiet. I'm looking for something quieter than that; otherwise, I'll probably just get one of the newer models of those, which fit the F1 now.
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  1. well you could get a HR-02 and hang a 140mm noctua on it, call it a day. not sure you could get a quieter set up then that short a fanless heatsink like a nofan cr-95c; though i wouldn't use one of those with an amd chip unless i was confident in my case ventilation.
  2. Coolmaster vortex plus

    One of the best cheap / quiet coolers on the market!!

    It has direct touch heat pipes ( gives it great heat transfer )
    Large quiet fan, ( large fan don't need to spin as fast )
    Big fins, lots of surface area.
    Low profile.
    Great designe, as fan blows down thru main fins, it also blows down on main block in contact with cpu.
    If u install it with the bend in heat pipes facing down, it also blows air across memory and voltage regulators.

    Universal mounting config, fits most current intel / amd CPUs

    No backing plate needed

    Comes with ok heat transfer paste.

    I'm running it on my intel i5-3570k, (a naturally hot running cpu ) overclocked to 4.5ghz, it keeps it at about 35c at idle, and 68c fully loaded.

    I've set the fan to run from 10% to 80% speed ( on difference in cooling from 80% to 100% other than fan noise )

    Also, do not put dab of heat paste on cpu !!!!

    Put heat paste on the coolers block, make sure you get it into all the little crevices, then scrape it as thin as possible with the edge of a card or something straight.
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