buying new motherboard help me plzz

hey guyz iam about to buy new motherboard for my i5 2500k but mu budget is lmited so , i have few options please hepl me to buy which is best for me




so which is best for overclocking and which is gamer friendly and which is overall good mobo plzz tell me fast as tommorow i will buy the mobo

thank u.
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  1. Of those three, I would go with the ASRock Z77 Pro4.
  2. what about msi z77a g43 motherboard is it good , its a new gaming motherboard launched by msi.
  3. A friend of mine just build a new rig with the MSI Z77A-G43 and so far he really likes it. I have only used MSI on AMD before this but they have always been very good board I do not think you could go wrong with the MSI.
  4. abuzz said:
    what about msi z77a g43 motherboard is it good , its a new gaming motherboard launched by msi.

    It's not really new. It's a good motherboard. It is not as good as the ASRock Z77 Pro4.
  5. yes its new gaming version of msi z77a g43
    see this:

    if i should go with asrock than one more question will it support my gtx 660?
  6. so should i go with asrock,
    i have bought coolermaster hyper 212 so how much i can oc my cpu with that board?
  7. Depends on your CPU. But it will overclock very well. If you're asking these questions, then I'm guessing you're new to overclocking. So, you don't have to worry about the motherboard not being able to handle some crazy extremely high overclocking.
  8. yes iam new to overclocking

    thats why iam confused on deciding motherboard

    but now iam going with asrock z77 pro4
  9. Get the Asrock Pro 4 that's a real nice board.
  10. thank u , so iam going with asrock z77 pro 4 iam getting 10% discount so i think its a good deal for me,
    and one more thing that iam having corsair 400r cabinet will hyper212 will fit in that?
  11. You will love the board.

    Grab the GAIA it performs as well as the EVO. < Either one will fit your case.
  12. thanks ,, are u sure its better tha msi z77a g43 gaming?
    because msi one looks good,but i want stability so that dosen't matter.

    and wat about Antec C20 CPU Cooler iam getting good discount on that.?
  13. I just looked a little further into that MSI,and that board is beautiful,and has great specs.Go for the MSI.Keep us posted on the build.

    The cooler will. be fine your your build.
  14. yes thats wat iam wanting to tell you that msi board which i have posted is awsome so finally should i go with msi finally ?

    and sure i will post u all..
  15. The MSI board is beautiful and has great specs , buy it.
  16. so, thank you i will but that msi motherboard, and try to overclock my cpu to atleast 4.2ghz.
  17. Best answer
    ASRock Z77 Pro4 looks great, has higher overclocking capability, and supports RAID. I am not saying that the MSI board is bad. I am saying that the ASRock Z77 Pro4 is better.

    @SR-71 Blackbird: Love the avatar.
  18. Thanks ksham.
  19. again confused ... but now iam going with msi board
  20. It's your choice , but like ksham stated the Asrock is slightly better.The MSI board is decent.
  21. which is better in specs and in overclocking?
  22. If i was buying the Asrock would be my choice.
  23. so i should also go with asrock ?
  24. I would buy the Asrock if i were you , it's the better of the 2 boards.
  25. so, my final choice asrock z77 pro 4 because u told it has better specs.
  26. That is correct,you will like the board.
  27. one last query that msi board has 8+2 pin phase so it will oc better?
  28. ^ but i dont have that much budget so,please tell me which mobo to buy in the range of asrock pro 4 price.
  29. Just buy the ASRock Z77 Pro4. You won't be disappointed.
  30. I only build with Asrock and ASUS boards,so my choice is Asrock.
  31. Ksham and I are telling you the Asrock,just buy it,will serve your needs and then some.
  32. @kishan and SR-71 Blackbird thank you for ur kind answer i will buy asrock z77 pro4 thats my final chioce.
  33. That is the BEST choice and thanks for using the forums.We are glad to assist.If you have more questions later , we will be glad to assist.

    Don't forget to pick a Best Solution for the thread. :D

    Happy Building!!!!!!!!!
  34. You are welcome. I hope all goes well with the ASRock Z77 Pro4 for you. All the best in your build or upgrade.
  35. I love all your work in the Forums ksham! :)
  36. thank u guyz u all r great ,,!!!
  37. Glad to help.
  38. Thanks for picking a Best Solution it means alot to the other forum members. :D
  39. Correction: ... it means a lot to some of the other forum members. :D

    I'm glad to have had the opportunity to help. I don't really care about being selected as the Best Answer. But I am sure those who get to this thread via search engines on the same thing would find the BA to be helpful. I know this place has helped me more than I'll be able to pay back.
  40. Exactly.
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