7790 vs 650ti boost upgrade

hello all

i looking to upgrade my computer with a graphic card.

my sys-
i5 2400
8 gb ddr 1600 gskill

what would be better?
im playing most with c&c3 kanes wrath, and im hopping to play the new gta
(hoping we would have a pc version), and i probably would start to play more.

im upgrading from my hd2000.... (-:

thank u all
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  1. The GTX 650 Ti Boost is the best price/performance card. SLI GTX 650 Ti Boost can achieve performance near a GTX 680.

    So I would obviously recommend the GTX 650 Ti Boost.
  2. I believe he meant performance near the 660 not the 680 :)

    But yes I agree 650ti boost version should be better than 7790.
  3. No; SLI GTX 650 Ti Boost can achieve performance on par with a GTX 680.
  4. ksham said:
    No; SLI GTX 650 Ti Boost can achieve performance on par with a GTX 680.

    +1 the 650 ti Boost performs amazingly in SLI
  5. Compare by yourself:


    As always, the 7790 performs better in AMD optimized games and the 650 equally in nVidia optimized games. In many cases it's the lack of memory what makes the 7790 slower, so you should consider the 2 GB version, too.

    The 650 Ti Boost is somewhat faster in overall, but don't forget the fact it can consume up to 140W, while the HD 7790 has a TDP of only 85W.
  6. If you haven't bought yet, go for this amazing deal!

  7. Obviously 650 Ti Boost. Go for SLI if your motherboard and budget suits that, rather than even getting a GTX 670. Try to go for the EVGA Superclocked ones. Best bang for bucks.
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