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Does anyone have high latency issues using the Dell E6430 laptop or dell OptiPlex 3010 desktop on wireless network and how do i lower it? I have many other brands connected to the same wireless network with an average of 45ms but the Dell systems all have 1000ms-1600ms. I have uninstalled and then updated to the latest drivers but it didn't help. Any suggestions? I run Win 7 Pro 64bit.
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  1. That is very high but in general high latency on wireless means it is taking errors. Unlike ethernet that drops packets when it get errors and the end devices resend wireless itself resends damaged frames. It takes time to do this.

    I would suspect interference but if it is only a single laptop then I would be suspect of defective hardware or a problem with the wire that goes to the antenna in the back of the display. If it is only this one device it may be easiest to spend $10 and get you a USB based device.
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