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Hello guys, I am running Windows7 with two 500GB partitions which are mirrored(RAID1). Yesterday the first of the two disks broke down. I booted through disk number 2 and I'm making a back-up right now just to make sure.

My question: my computer is still under warranty so I'd like to bring it in for repair so that they give me a new disk, now.. since disk 1 still functions somewhat, is it safe to wipe out/format this disk? Will my computer still boot from the single dynamic disk that remains? This way I can tell the tech guys to just replace the empty formatted disk and leave the other alone.

Thanks for reading
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  1. Okay solved it.

    When breaking the mirror, for some reason I was left with Boot & Main partitions on the second disk, BUT the "System" partition needed to boot remained on the first disk.

    I formatted the first disk with 3d party boot loader, then used Windows Startup Repair from the windows 7 install DVD- and that did the job. First disk empty, everything else on the single dynamic volume disk 2.
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