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I have got a Lenovo X230 laptop with Intel i5, 8gb DDR3, Windows 7pro.
The laptop came with 4 gb DDR3 pre-installed, which worked at 1.5V.
Now I added a module of the same type (though not the same brand - Crucial) matching the pre-installed module (4GB DDR3, PC3-12800, 1600MHz, Single-rank, CL11). The new DDR module is supposed to work both on 1.5 and 1.35V. However, when I look into CPU-Z i see that the original module is still running on 1.5 V, while the new module has the voltage of only 1.28V.

Is that allright that the two memory modules are running with different voltages?
Eventually, if it is not ok, is there a (software) way how to tweak the DDR voltages (lenovo x230 BIOS does not allow for such things)?
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  1. Should be fine afaik.
  2. 1) have you run any memory stability checks, ie Run Prime 95 for min of 2 hours.
    Note: when running prime 95 for first time monitor CPU Temps for first 10->15 mins if Ok then can periodically check.

    2) Work or not, probably not recommended.
    Intels' spec for IB CPU (i5-3xxx) RAM Voltage is 1.425 V -> 1.575 V.

    However I've been running my Wife's SB (i5-2xxx) System (same ram voltage spec) for 2 years @ 1.28 V
  3. ? I didn't think you could run ram at different voltages. Are you sure your reading it right?
  4. As I now look into HWinfo64, it says that both modules are working at 1.5V. Is it possible that CPU-Z shows incorrect values?
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